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Many legal documents require the presence of a Notary Public before they can become legally binding. A public notary serves as an impartial third-party witness in order to confirm that all parties signing the document are doing so willingly and under their own free will. Our General Notary Services include but are not limited to: Oaths & Acknowledgements. This includes Power of Attorney, Affidavits, Jurats, Depositions, Personal Letters, Deeds,Contracts, and Will and Testament. Let us handle the notary duties. We are experts at keeping your information private at this very important parts of your life.

At GLCPS we have a professionally licensed notary public on staff ready to help you get your business and personal documents notarized quickly and efficiently. Our notary is experienced in notarizing wills, trusts, deeds, contracts, affidavits and more.

Be prepared to sign your documents with your notary:

• Bring a valid, government-issued photo ID with you when you visit us for notary services.
• Be sure to bring all of the documents that need notarized with you.
• Be sure the documents are complete and ready for signature. Our notary is only authorized to witness the signing of documents. They are prohibited from helping prepare or assisting in completing documents.

Some documents may require additional witnesses in addition to the notarization. Contact us prior to your visit to determine if we are able to accommodate.

We are an authorized notary for Mavsign

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Guided Life Care Planning Services is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality, cost effective services possible.  We accept private/out-of-pocket pay. All major credit cards, checks and cash are accepted.

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